Linux tutorials have been organized starting Saturday 10th February at 4pm.

It will be for 4 weeks (not 5 as posted), at the Mermaid Beach Community Centre, and the duration will be 1 hour.

There is a cost associated with hiring the room (as well as a substantial bond that I am personally covering), and that is to be covered by a $5 fee per tutorial. All 4 sessions must be paid upfront, so a one off $20 fee to cover all 4 weeks.

To pay the $20, please email me off list and Ill will give you details to direct deposit the $20. You need to pay this money by Tuesday. Should we not get at least 6 people (we have 2 so far), paid up by Wednesday we will have to call it off. This would be a real shame after the work I have put in, and the work Kevin has put in organizing the venue.

I have had about 10 people email me with interest for the tutorials, so hopefully we will get the numbers.

Mermaid Beach Community Centre

Address: 2439 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach
Phone: (07) 5581 7227

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