Gold Coast Linux Users Group 2007-02-07T07:38:15+10:00 Gold Coast Linux Users Group text/html 2007-02-05T20:13:03+10:00 Steve Dalton playground sdgsdg sdgsdt sdggsd sdgsgsgd google>Linux text/html 2007-02-05T20:10:53+10:00 Steve Dalton suggestions This site is currently hosted on one of Steve‘s servers in a Brisbane data centre. Make your suggestions here: * FAQ/Howtos from questions asked on the list (should a rule for the list that solved stuff gets documented) * Fix up meetings page. Structure done, just needs content. --- Patrick Ohearn 2007/02/05 13:18 * Regular backups. I’ll make sure this is started right away, we don’t want history repeating itself! --- spidie 2007/02/05 16:51 text/html 2007-02-05T20:09:28+10:00 Steve Dalton group_meetings Group meetings are held a couple times a month. Linux users of all skill level’s are welcome. Members are encouraged to bring along their laptops and CAT5 cables. If you wish to bring a desktop/screen along please ask the host as space can be an issue, but it normally isn’t :). text/html 2007-02-05T20:07:50+10:00 Steve Dalton linux_on_laptops Some useful links if you are looking at running Linux on a laptop * <> * <> If you have a laptop that runs Linux - please add your experiences below. Name Brand Distro Works Not Working/Not tested Dave Baker LG Mobile Intelligence LS50a Debian/Source Lan, Sound, BT, Wifi, DVD writer, USB, Pad Mouse, Keyboard 3 in 1 flash card/pcmcia/firewire shibang.. ACPI-most LG’s have poor ACPI implementation which window… text/html 2007-02-05T19:55:51+10:00 Steve Dalton linux_tutorials Linux tutorials have been organized starting Saturday 10th February at 4pm. It will be for 4 weeks (not 5 as posted), at the Mermaid Beach Community Centre, and the duration will be 1 hour. There is a cost associated with hiring the room (as well as a substantial bond that I am personally covering), and that is to be covered by a $5 fee per tutorial. All 4 sessions must be paid upfront, so a one off $20 fee to cover all 4 weeks. text/html 2007-02-05T19:55:23+10:00 Patrick Ohearn useful_links - phpqld seems dead * <> * <> * <> - NSLU2-Linux * <> - OpenSource ISP management and Hosting Control Panel * <> * <> * <> - The Apache Software Foundation * <> - Google Sitemaps text/html 2007-02-05T14:23:22+10:00 Patrick Ohearn faq - created What does GCLUG stand for GCLUG stands for the Gold Coast Linux User Group. We are a group of Linux users who live on and around the sunny Gold Coast. Skill’s of members are all over the board, chances someone on the list or in IRC will be able to help you. We are not just about Linux, we even have the odd *BSD user participating in discussions. text/html 2007-02-05T13:35:20+10:00 Steve Dalton welcome The aims of this group are to: * encourage the use of Linux * assist with Linux installation and maintenance * provide a means for Linux users to meet and exchange ideas * encourage Linux use for both Web and Intranet development * make new friends and enjoy interesting company text/html 2007-02-05T12:59:29+10:00 Patrick Ohearn patoh See <> text/html 2007-02-05T06:50:58+10:00 Steve Dalton wiki_links - created <> text/html 2007-02-05T06:49:18+10:00 Steve Dalton word_cloud - created text/html 2007-02-04T11:38:23+10:00 Patrick Ohearn user_profiles * spidie (Steve Dalton) * dtbaker (David Baker) * dpn (David Novakovic) * patoh (Patrick Ohearn) text/html 2007-02-03T19:12:43+10:00 Steve Dalton wireless:austar_antennas Info about Austar Bi-directional antennas * <> text/html 2007-02-03T19:11:47+10:00 Steve Dalton wireless:gold_coast_wireless * <> - Dave’s Gold Coast node database * <> - Brisbane mesh (includes goldcoast) * <> - Australia wide wireless database Hardware available for the project Person Items Notes spidie 3 mini pcs (Cyrix cpus), many Austar bi-direction antennas (need modification for 802.11 frequency), couple of svec access points, a few Lucent Waveland PCMCIA wireless cards and PCIcradles A lot of my neighbours have these Austar Antennas. … text/html 2007-02-03T18:17:21+10:00 David P. Novakovic dpn <> (My journal thingy) text/html 2007-02-03T17:50:55+10:00 Steve Dalton gclug_projects GCLUG Project Ideas * Gold Coast Wireless - creating a wireless mesh over the gold coast using second hand hardware text/html 2007-02-03T13:03:47+10:00 david baker dtbaker My MySpace Profile My Sites * <> - links to projects and what not. * <> - The gold coast community wireless project. * <> - Gold Coast Dating website I created. * <> - Monitor your Trademark(s), Competitor, or Industry text/html 2007-02-03T12:06:37+10:00 Steve Dalton spidie [Spidie]Hi, I’m Steve Dalton - I tend to use the internet nick spidie in most of the forums, mailing lists etc. Spidie comes from Spider (spider is too popular!) which was one nickname of mine when I was a kid as I was tall and my legs were always all over the place. I have also always liked the Spiderman cartoons! text/html 2007-02-03T09:09:02+10:00 Steve Dalton howtos - created * Linux On Laptops - Running Linux on a laptop text/html 2007-02-03T09:04:12+10:00 Steve Dalton irc_chat The Gold Coast LUG also has an Internet Relay Chat channel. * Server: * Channel: #gclug Our members and other interested folks log in and out several times throughout the day and night. Feel free to visit us for a chat.